A New Generation

Welcome to Australia's newest and most innovative travel destination, Club 360.

Built by travelers, for travelers

The Club was founded off the back of our sister company Three Sixty Travel’s need for a leisure travel division that crafted truly bespoke adventures for their clients.


Never one to simply copy a trend, our founders wanted to ensure this new division would be truly special and something that delivered Australian travelers something they hadn’t seen before. Thus the concept of Club 360 was born after more than 2 years of consultation and market testing we developed a travel club designed for travelers by travelers.

Our products are completely based around our club members, their interests, their desires and their need to explore the unknown. As well as ensuring they are met with expert advice, exclusive club amenities and extras money can’t buy.

We invite you join us and welcome you to the club as we head into 2020 and the full vision of  Club 360 is unveiled as we begin the transition into Australia's leading travel club.

ATAS: A12634
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